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All You Need To Know About Lucene Duarte OnlyFans



Lucene Duarte OnlyFans

Leonardo Hathaway 19 a male model from London decided to set up a sassy profile on Onlyfans for his mom the glamour model Lucene Duarte who won the Brazilian competition miss bum bum world in 2019.

Lucene Duarte can now share spicy snaps with her fans all thanks to her son, okay so we actually got quite a bit of information there to break down first of all let me share some visual evidence with you guys obviously let’s start with the mom that’s why we’re all here.


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So this is her the winner of the 2019 miss bum bum contest if you are not familiar with that specific competition I think we can maybe take a pretty educated guess at what that might be all about so as you can see she looks good I guess I can certainly see how she might have a successful career on onlyfans I’m sure there’s a market where it’s adding up I guess we could say but what’s not adding up is the pictures that she has of her and her son.


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A post shared by Lucene Duarte (@luceneduarte)

I have to say I think it’s a bit of a weird relationship personally just my opinion but I’ll let you guys be the judge as well let me know if I’m just crazy so I’m just gonna post a couple of these pics picture number one they’re kind of like you know looking into each other’s eyes like it’s a little weird right like it’s not insane it’s nothing crazy but I don’t feel like that’s a pic a mom and son would take like if I didn’t give you any context for the situation and you saw the picture you would probably think they’re like a couple right it would make a little bit more sense but this is kind of just the warm-up so now I’m going to hit you guys with this pic right here now this one’s pretty bad i would say number one you can’t be standing behind moms like that I don’t know why you stand up I guess just it’s just not appropriate.



 Lucene Duarte OnlyFans

Number two I don’t know why he’s like holding her hand like that like you know with the first pic it was like okay whatever like that’s kind of a weird pic but maybe we can let it slide but now adding on to it with this pic like this is like something ain’t right here i don’t know what’s going on but something is not right with this relationship and now i want you guys to take a look at this one like what the hell is going on here i don’t know i i don’t know this is just too much okay like now on top of that your faces are touching and stuff like who the took this picture man like someone took this picture and was like yeah that’s a good pose like let’s post that on the internet for everyone to see like this is totally normal right I’m just not understanding how these were posted but hold on we’re not done.



 Lucene Duarte OnlyFans

For the grand finale i want you guys to take a look at this okay listen, bro, what are you looking at right now like we see you my guy like you not sneaky look at his face he got like a little smirk on his face like we know what you’re doing he knows what he’s doing everyone sees what’s going on here bro like i don’t know why she’s laughing i certainly don’t find anything funny here but like that’s your mom dude like come on man like what the [ __ ] .

I wanted to give you guys kind of an idea of the situation like i don’t really know how to explain what we just witnessed but i just wanted to give some context for the rest of the story so let’s continue Leonardo opened the only fans account on behalf of Lucene Duarte his mother who had already posed for publications playboy Portugal and fhm Australia and he didn’t feel uncomfortable taking it one step further well i feel uncomfortable okay how about that we have an incredible relationship between mother and child yeah i would say you have a pretty incredible relationship I have to support her choices just as she supports mine, yes i definitely saw a lot of supporting going on in those images when asked if I support her I always ask back why shouldn’t I do that you know what that’s a great question man why shouldn’t you do that.

 leonardo hathaway

leonardo hathaway

You know what i’ma ask you guys does anyone maybe have a reason why this guy shouldn’t open up and onlyfans for his mom I mean I can’t think of one you know what he stumped me he’s right why shouldn’t he do that yeah listen man let’s just lay it all out here okay like your answer like it sounds good and everything it’s like a very professional rehearsed like you know the perfect answer like that like that’s what you want to say yeah man I’m just supporting my mom you know we’re family whatever like that’s cool that would be a great answer if you were talking about a normal career but you’re not all right so clearly you might be a little bit sick in the head honestly this might be a crazy take this might just be some you know 200 IQ stuff here but in my opinion, I think this whole entire thing was just a 200 IQ setup play by him so that he could see his mom’s stuff.

All right like he heard oh she won the miss bum bum competition like damn I gotta see what that stuff is all about so he opened up onlyfans for her and tricked her into posting this [ __ ] online and you know for sure this guy is beating his meat to that onlyfans he is the number one sub on that like there is just no doubt in my mind there’s just too much evidence on the table like strike one you opened up the only fans for your mom like honestly, that’s like strike one two and three right away like you know I mean that’s just too much to begin with but you know we’re in some tough times you know pandemic all this stuff going on maybe that really was the only option you guys had to put food on the table you know it was either that or you’re gonna be homeless right.

Lucene Duarte OnlyFans

Let’s just say that was the situation, okay maybe we can let it slide but then after I saw the pics that you two are taking together it’s just gg’s man like there are no excuses there’s no comeback possible from this you’re a certified weirdo like I just can’t justify it man so anyways that’s pretty much it for the story I think it really speaks for itself I don’t think I really need to come on here and explain too much I think we’re all in agreement on this one I would say but maybe not if anyone has something to say otherwise you know to be sure to leave it in the comments I’m open to suggestions you know I’m open to ideas but in my opinion, this just ain’t adding.


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