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Is Jaden Smith Gay ? See Why Fans Think Jaden Smith Is Gay !



Is Jaden Smith gay

Is Jaden Smith gay? This is a question that Jaden Smith Keeps Fueling with his antics on social media. Find Out The Truth.

Jaden Smith has never come out to state that he is gay despite the fact that he announced gay rapper Tyler the Creator as his girlfriend. He has dropped so many Gay sublimals on social media than we can count but to date Jaden Smith has never come out to state that he is gay.

Prior to Jaden Smith dating Tyler the creator he dated females like Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner. Currently, at the moment, there are reports that he is dating Instagram famous model Sab Zada, and there were even rumors flying around very recently that she is currently pregnant with Jaden Smith but this has been debunked by Staff. But still with all Jaden Smith ex’s female” Girlfriends, His fans still can’t answer the question “Is Jaden Smith Gay” with a No!!


Jaden Smith Dating Relationships

Jaden Smith is best known as that adorable little karate kid who graced our TVs many years ago. Jaden has never admitted his $exaul orientation publicly so everything at this point still remains speculations.

But he has openly announced gay rapper Tyler the creator as his girlfriend, he made this announcement at his performance at Camp Flog Nou in November of 2018. He also made it known that Tyler the creator would rather like these details to stay under wraps but he feels the need to make it known they have been in a relationship for a very long time.

During this revelation, Tyler the creator who was present was a tad uncomfortable but put on a shy smile regardless which was visible through his facemask but he neither denied nor agreed to Jaden Smith’s statement.
Let me take you on a rundown of all Jaden Smith’s rumored girlfriends…Both male and female.

Jaden Smith And Tyler The Creator Dating / Relationship

In a now-deleted tweet Jaden Smith Took to the Bird to express his love for the gay rapper Tyler the Creator, although Jaden’s tweet has been deleted tylers response is still up and you can see for yourself if you check, he simply replied with ” You sound crazy Jaden”.

Jaden did not stop there, after Tyler the creator won the Grammy Award 2020 for Best Rap Album, Jaden Smith ran to the Bird app to tweet that his “Boyfriend” just won a Grammy.

Is Jaden Smith gay

Is Jaden Smith gay?

Both of them later toned this down to just a mere platonic relationship during their various interviews after that tweet.

Jaden Smith fans would have answered this question Is Jaden Smith Gay with a resounding Yes! if not for the fact that Jaden Smith has also reported dating a female named Sarah Snyder for 2yrs and references to this said female could be reportedly found in his early music album releases, then there is also his current rumored relationship with Sab Zada. So there would always be varying replies to the question “Is Jaden Smith Gay“.

Jaden Smith And Madison Pettis Dating / Relationship

As far as the tabloids go she is rumored to be Jaden Smith’s first girlfriend. They reportedly met while in high school in 2010 and started dating around that time too. After their breakup around 2011 Madison Pettis would go on to become a star, acting in numerous movies such as The Game Plan and Cory in the House, just to name a few.

Jaden Smith And Stella Hudgens Dating / Relationship

This relationship started after his breakup with Madison Pettis ended. Stella Hudgens is an actress and a singer. She has acted in a couple of movie flicks. Jaden Smith and Stella Hudgens dated from 2011-2012.


Jaden Smith And Sofia Richie Dating / Relationship

It would come as a shock or surprise to most people when they find out Jaden Smith once dated Sofia Richie, Yes the now-married Sofia Richie. They dated in 2013 but not for long, many people estimate it only lasted for 4months.
They are reportedly both still very good friends.

Jaden Smith And Kylie Jenner Dating / Relationship

Although this relationship was also short-lived, it only lasted for 8 months, it was the most publicized. The genesis of this relationship is not known but we know for a fact that they dated in 2013.


Jaden Smith And Sarah Snyder Dating / Relationship

Sarah Synder who is a well-known Instagram famous model dated Jaden Smith from 2015-2017. She is not only famous for modeling pics on Instagram but for stealing a Hermes BAg worth $15,995… LOL

Sarah Snyder and Jaden Smith dating for 2yrs and Jaden Smith fans still blame her for the breakup to this day for reasons best known to them.

Jaden Smith And Odessa Adlon Dating / Relationship

Odessa Adlon who is not a stranger herself to the camera is the daughter of actress Pamela Adlon. Apart from being the daughter of an actress, she is an actress herself and has starred in various Netflix Flicks. Jaden and Odessa Adlon were very secretive in this relationship and it took a while for the media to catch up that they actually broke up.


Who Is Jaden Smith Dating Now?

Presently Jaden Smith is dating an Instagram model called Sab Zada, She is 24 years old while Jaden Smith is currently 25 years old.

Sab Zada

Sab Zada

Rumors of their relationship sparked in early 2020 during the pandemic after they were caught holding hands outside and they were photographed by the paparazzi at a dinner date locking lips. They have been dating since 2020-Till date. SO jaden smith is currently in a relationship with Sab Zada so we guess it is safe to say Jaden Smith Is Not Gay!…… At least for now…..

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O.J. Simpson Dead at 76 After Cancer Battle!!



O J Simpson Death

Legendary Football Player and Notorious Figure O.J. Simpson Dies!

O.J. Simpson, a household name synonymous with both football greatness and a sensational murder trial, passed away yesterday at the age of 76.
According to his family, Simpson succumbed to a battle with cancer.

O J Simpson Death

O J Simpson Death

The news comes just weeks after reports surfaced about his declining health and rumors of hospice care.

Before the infamous trial that gripped the nation, O.J. Simpson was an American hero.

He dominated the gridiron as a running back for the Buffalo Bills, earning him a place in the Football Hall of Fame.

Beyond football, Simpson transitioned into acting and endorsements, becoming a familiar face on television and in commercials.

In 1994, Simpson’s life took a dramatic turn when he was accused of the double murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman.

The subsequent trial became a media spectacle, dividing the nation along racial lines.

Simpson was ultimately acquitted but found liable in a civil lawsuit.

Despite the acquittal, the murders forever tarnished Simpson’s reputation.

He later faced legal troubles again in 2007 for an armed robbery in Las Vegas.

Simpson remained a controversial figure in the public eye, with his legacy a complex mix of athletic achievement and legal notoriety.

O.J. Simpson’s death definitely marks the end of a tumultuous chapter in American history.


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