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Is Frankie Lapenna Butt Real? Find About About Frankie Lap!!



Is Frankie Lapenna Ass Real? Frankie Lapenna and his fake butt are well-known as “Frankie Lap” on social media,  It Is Fake! Find Out Why, In This Entertaining Article… Boasting over 6 million followers on both TikTok and Youtube combined he is VIRAL!!

Is frankie lapenna ass real

Is frankie lapenna butt real

Is Frankie Lapenna Ass Real?

In as much as it is funny to see Frankie Lapenna and his exaggerated butt creating funny content for fans on social media, it does not stop people from asking questions, Most notably Is Frankie Lapenna Ass Real?

Frankie Lapenna Exagaratted posterior has had fans asking questions like Is Frankie Lapenna Ass Real? The Answer to this question is, No!! Frankie Lapenna Ass is Fake.

Frankie Lapenna Ass is not real! Let us break it down for you.

Some years ago, Frankie Lapenna Sold the silicon mold that gives off the Frankie Lapenna Ass impression that keeps you all awed to your phone screens on his website….. Lol.

it is nothing but a silicone mold and this is an established fact. He was selling a replica of this silicon mold a year ago, and surprisingly it sold out Lol.


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As you can see from the video above the silicon mold is quite realistic looking, this is because it is a Hollywood-grade prop. Yes, the type of real-life-looking props you see in your favorite Hollywood blockbusters.

Although Frankie Lapenna has stopped the sale of his Silicone mold you can get it at an affordable price Here. Signup using our referral Link and get a $5 coupon instantly.

Frankie Lapenna Silicon mold is a must-have if you are a true Frankie Lapenna Fan.


In recent times Frankie Lapenna has made inroads into Hollywood. he now shoots his skits with state-of-the-art cameras and uses top-notch VFX Editing software, so if you see one of Frankie Lapenna Tiktok’s videos and you are wondering if his body has to be real, you are not alone because that is the first conclusion fans reach when they see Frankie Lapenna for the first time.

That is until they read articles such as this which not only debunks the Frankie Lapenna real-ass rumors we also bring receipts to back the facts up. So as you continue reading this article do well to share it with others, because knowledge is power.

Frankie Lapenna an American citizen was born on August 25, 2002, in California. However, details about his childhood and family are not widely available. Similarly, information on his high school days is also scarce. But we know this much from people that knew him way back and have always known him as a prankster and he used to go out of his way to always bring comedic relief to those close to him.

Frankie Lapenna Childhood Photo

Frankie Lapenna Childhood Photo

And that often included dressing up with an exaggerated butt, so Frankie Lapenna posterior is not something new but goes way back to his teenage years.

Though back then it did not look as real as it does this day, the sources we spoke to admitted that even way back in those days it was just as funny and amusing to see. Frankie Lapenna is comedy and comedy is Frankie Lapenna so it seems.

frankie lapenna butt real

Frankie lapenna


Frankie Lapenna started his career on TikTok in 2019, uploading videos of himself dancing and lip-syncing to popular songs.


He quickly went viral due to Frankie Lapenna Butt which many viewers found funny on a man, so he amassed a significant following in a short amount of time. Frankie Lapenna early videos often feature him dancing with friends or performing relatable skits that resonate with his audience.


But since he branched into Youtube he has been posting content of him gallivanting around America with his six bodyguards and he also heavily features his exaggerated butt more frequently.


Frankie Lapenna fame really took off astronomically during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 when the world was in low spirits, influencers such as Frankie Lapenna gave us that much-needed comedic satire we most needed and it paid off because Frankie Lapenna Fame and  TikTok career skyrocketed in 2020.

frankie lapenna

frankie lapenna

Is Frankie Lapenna Butt Real?

Is Frankie Lapenna Posterior Real? No, it isn’t! And as earlier stated he did not even start with the costume now but it goes way back to his teenage years.




And thanks to his viral videos which fans have dubbed “Frankie Lapenna Butt Videos” and collaborations with other popular creators he is now a bonafide superstar and we are here for it.


He has since become one of the most recognized faces on Social media and is known for his high energy, positive attitude, and infectious personality. Some of Frankie’s most popular videos feature him participating in dance challenges, lip-syncing to popular songs, and showcasing his comedic talents.


He has also partnered with brands such as McDonald’s and H&M, expanding his reach is now far beyond TikTok, With over 2.2 million Subscribers he is set to conquer youtube too.

Did Frankie Lapenna Get Surgery?

No Frankie Lapenna did not get surgery, he just has a very good silicon mold that can fool anybody into thinking he got BBL Surgery Lol. You can buy a replica of Frankie Lapenna Silicon mold if you have the money because it is quite pricey and expensive.

BBL Surgery is very common nowadays many celebs such as Saucy Santanna, Bernice Burgos, SZA, Summer Walker, Tiny Harris, Saweetie, Ice Spice, just to name a few have all gotten BBL’s even gospel artists are not left out, Top gospel singer Keke Wyatt is an honorable mention, In fact looking at her you will think it is Frankie Lapenna you are seeing.

Frankie Lapenna Family

As of now, Frankie Lapenna has kept his personal life private, and details about his dating life or family are not publicly known. However, he often shares updates on his life and career with his followers, giving them a glimpse into his day-to-day activities.

frankie lapenna family

frankie lapenna family

Frankie Lapenna has also ventured into the realm of sculpture, breathing life into inanimate objects and giving form to the intangible. His sculptures range from intricate and delicate to bold and thought-provoking, each piece a testament to his boundless imagination and mastery over three-dimensional art.

Lapenna’s sculptures possess a unique ability to ignite dialogue, urging viewers to explore the depths of their own perceptions. In the hands of Frankie Lapenna, colors become living entities, infused with emotion and vitality. His masterful command over the palette is evident in every stroke, as he effortlessly weaves shades and hues together, creating harmonious symphonies of color. Lapenna’s works evoke a profound sense of joy, curiosity, and introspection.

One cannot truly grasp the essence of Frankie Lapenna without exploring his penchant for embracing the unconventional. From employing unconventional materials to blending genres and styles, Lapenna continuously challenges artistic norms and stretches the limits of creativity. His fearless approach has earned him accolades and recognition from art enthusiasts and critics alike, solidifying his status as a true maverick in the art world.

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Crissy Morin Now Bio Husband Height Weight Phone Number



Crissy Morin

Crissy Morin Aka Chrissy M or Chrissy Outlaw is a former adult actress who is now a Christian public preacher. Crissy Morin was born on December 22, 1975, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Crissy Morin Biography

Crissy Morin started her career in the adult industry in 1999, and by 2002 – 2006 she had starred in over 60 Adult movies.

As the saying goes “After the storm comes the calm” Crissy Morin retired from the adult industry in 2006 and she became a dedicated Christian. She became a preacher of the word of God, In other words, she became a pastor.

Crissy Morin

Crissy Morin

After she became a pastor, she started speaking and preaching against the adult industry. She started highlighting all the ills and dangers of the Adult industry and the exploitation of women.


Crissy Morin Films (Career)

As we mentioned earlier Crissy Morin journey into the adult industry started in 1999, she was working at a local Hooters restaurant in Jacksonville Florida, however, she was not content with it and felt exploited at her workplace and she was the lookout for something new, she won’t look for long because after she responded to an ad for models on the internet the rest was history.

She posted a series of bikini photos on the internet and she soon received a slew of emails from studios, this led to modeling bids in Los Angeles and Maimi for Adult industry titans like Hustler and Playboy, she also started her own adult website as a side hustle and this proved to be a major success and the website blew up beyond her imaginations.

Crissy Morin Net Worth

Crissy Morin was even reported to be making as much as $15,000 each month during this period.

But all this would come to an end as Crissy Morin found love and dropped it all!!


Crissy Morin Height and Weight

Crissy Morin weighs 67kg and she is a petite 5’3. She has stated that she is very comfortable in her skin and that she is a very aware person when it comes to her physique.

Crissy Morin Finds Love And Retires (Husband)

In October Of 2006, Crissy Morin left the adult industry because she found the love of her life who she promptly got married to. Crissy Morin says she met her husband at a private party her then-boyfriend organized.

Crissy Morin

Crissy Morin husband

She states that as the party progressed the men in the party were amused about a picture on a phone they were all passing around.
She claims she was curious as to what was making the men gleeful and she asked to see and it was a picture of a topless female, one of the men said that was his wife and was very angry and sad and promptly said she hoped her future husband never does that to her.

A man who was silent all this while in their midst spoke up and said that he would never do that to his wife if he married. They got talking and she confessed to him that she did adult films and he said he did not mind. Long story short that man is her husband now. She left the adult industry for him.

Crissy Morin Now

Crissy Morin has presently happily married since May 2013. She is now a pastor and also married to a pastor and they operate a ministry together in Texas. spoke to some of their congregation members and they said Crissy Morin is a good pastor and the spirit of God moves freely within her.

Crissy Morin

Crissy Morin


Crissy Morin Phone Number

Crissy Morin phone number is private, you can contact us if you want to talk to her urgently!

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