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Lil Reese shot in downtown Chicago! Watch The Crime Scene CCTV Video!!



Lil Reese shot in downtown Chicago

Rapper Lil Reese Real Name Tavares Lamont Taylor has been critically shot in downtown Chicago and is in very grave condition.


Lil Reese shot in downtown Chicago again this is coming after getting shot and barely survived in 2019. Lil Reese is one of the pioneers of drill music which originated in Chicago in the early 2010s, alongside with chief Keef, Fredo Santana, Lil Jojo was the originator of drill music and is revered by hardcore drill fans.

How Did Lil Reese Get Shot?

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According to eyewitnesses at the scene Lil Reese was shot while trying to exit a building in downtown Chicago in a stolen SUV truck, after he was done visiting his girlfriend.


Witnesses tell that Lil Reese and two other associates with facemasks on pulled up to an unsuspecting motorist in an SUV truck and instructed him and two other occupants to get out of the car, as they intended to carjack the vehicle.

Lil reese and his crew succeeded in stealing the SUV but the owner was having none of that and apparently trailed Lil Reese to a red light and pulled out a blicky and a shoot-out ensued with Lil Reese getting shoot close to his eyes and another occupant hit in the torso area.

According to police scanner

1 victim to Stroger condition unknown
1 victim to Northwestern with 9 gunshot wounds
1 victim to Northwestern with a graze wound to the eye

Lil Reese was rushed to a nearby hospital after witnesses called the cops and he is reportedly in grave condition at the moment, this is coming barely 3years After getting shot in the neck with an assault rifle I would hope Lil Reese was smart enough to not be in Chicago like is sweet now he gets hit again in downtown Chicago.

Pray For Lil Reese You’all…….   THOU SHALL NOT STEAL!!

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Chef Dee BBL! Did Chef Dee Get A BBL?



Chef Dee BBL

Chef Dee BBL has been trending for months now and Anthony from Bad Boys Texas on Zeus network might have just thrown fuel on this BBL Allegation.

Though it might sound far-fetched for a man to have BBL! Lol, But in reality it is not as far-fetched as you think it is, there are actually men in the entertainment industry that have undergone BBL Surgery most notable of them is Bandman Kevo The Reformed Scammer.


Did Chef Dee Get A BBL?

To be honest Chef Dee does look like he had BBL surgery done, all the telltale signs are there as you can see below.

Chef Dee BBL

Chef Dee 

And then there is the interview his fellow co-star on Bad Boys Texas gave in which he said dropped some shocking revelations about Chef Dee.

The interview revolved around Anthony’s response to a clip from a recent episode and his comments about Chef Dee’s behavior, hygiene, and BBL Surgery. The interview also includes comments from others regarding Anthony’s remarks.

From the Interview, it is clear that Anthony had some grievances with Chef Dee. He mentioned issues such as Chef Dee having A BBL, serving uncooked food at his birthday party, selling soggy items, not cleaning up after himself, leaving dirty sheets in the guest room, and having multiple unknown people in Anthony’s house. Anthony criticized Chef Dee for allegedly using the spotlight and lying about it, and he suggested that Chef Dee invest in a cooking class and fix his food truck’s financial issues.

The interview highlights how Anthony’s comments were seen as a sharp and direct critique of Chef Dee, particularly focusing on his BBL, hygiene, wigs, and personal habits. Some reactions so far from fans show that while some sided with Anthony, expressing support for his claims and criticizing Chef Dee’s behavior. Others expressed their dislike for both individuals or remained neutral.

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