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Why Is YFN LUCCI Locked Up In Maximum Security Prison?



Why Is YFN LUCCI Locked Up In Maximum Security Prison

Rapper Rayshawn Bennett popularly known as YFN lucci is locked up In Maximum Security Prison jail in Georgia after surrendering to authorities on May 10th.

YFN lucci  is currently housed in the maximum-security area if you recall we reported about him being caught up in a federal racketeering case now he has caught some RICO case and once he surrendered after being indicted with the twelve others in 105 count racketeering indictment.

The RICO case is targeting the blood gang network in Georgia and YFN lucci is reportedly being held in maximum security and that’s crazy cause you know that is not a funny place to be In and the indictment came up like two weeks ago.

Now his lawyer Drew Findling  is basically now saying

yo he’s not a gang member he’s a world-renowned hiphop entertainer he’s been around the world

But the only problem is that when you look at the things that he’s done online and like okay so like, for example, a I am a rapper right and this other rapper out there who has like mad beef for me and maybe another rapper like let’s say young thug and he’s been saying certain things online they take those videos and they put the worst out.

The blogs are  updating people about this beef and what ends up happening is he may delete that video off his IG story or he may delete it off his FB wall because he said something crazy but a YouTuber or a fan or somebody got that video saved and it’s on the internet so it’s gonna live so he can’t say oh I’m not that  person that you think i am but the feds are not gonna listen to that….its what it is…. know what I’m saying it’s just crazy

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Chef Dee BBL! Did Chef Dee Get A BBL?



Chef Dee BBL

Chef Dee BBL has been trending for months now and Anthony from Bad Boys Texas on Zeus network might have just thrown fuel on this BBL Allegation.

Though it might sound far-fetched for a man to have BBL! Lol, But in reality it is not as far-fetched as you think it is, there are actually men in the entertainment industry that have undergone BBL Surgery most notable of them is Bandman Kevo The Reformed Scammer.


Did Chef Dee Get A BBL?

To be honest Chef Dee does look like he had BBL surgery done, all the telltale signs are there as you can see below.

Chef Dee BBL

Chef Dee 

And then there is the interview his fellow co-star on Bad Boys Texas gave in which he said dropped some shocking revelations about Chef Dee.

The interview revolved around Anthony’s response to a clip from a recent episode and his comments about Chef Dee’s behavior, hygiene, and BBL Surgery. The interview also includes comments from others regarding Anthony’s remarks.

From the Interview, it is clear that Anthony had some grievances with Chef Dee. He mentioned issues such as Chef Dee having A BBL, serving uncooked food at his birthday party, selling soggy items, not cleaning up after himself, leaving dirty sheets in the guest room, and having multiple unknown people in Anthony’s house. Anthony criticized Chef Dee for allegedly using the spotlight and lying about it, and he suggested that Chef Dee invest in a cooking class and fix his food truck’s financial issues.

The interview highlights how Anthony’s comments were seen as a sharp and direct critique of Chef Dee, particularly focusing on his BBL, hygiene, wigs, and personal habits. Some reactions so far from fans show that while some sided with Anthony, expressing support for his claims and criticizing Chef Dee’s behavior. Others expressed their dislike for both individuals or remained neutral.

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