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Keke Wyatt BBL!! Did Keke Wyatt Have A BBL?



Keke Wyatt BBL!! Did Keke Wyatt Have A BBL? Well, I think it is pretty obvious she had work done to anyone that has eyes, Find out when and how Keke Wyatt Had Surgery?

Keke Wyatt has gone viral on the internet streets and folks are dragging her that she has work done after a recent video of her it the internet. Netizens have been on her case that Keke Wyatt Had BBL Surgery after popular Hollywood cosmetic surgeon Dr Curve posted her BBL OP on his Instagram feed.

Fans that have been following Keke Wyatt BBL for years vow that this is her BBL third round, her social media pages have been filled with comments such as:

These girls pushing this bbl agenda everybody wants a big old giant posterior okay everybody wants to have the same body I don’t know why nobody wants to be different no more.

i don’t know if it’s a man or woman  keke why did you do it?

That ham hanging okay why does it look like she had a full diaper on that needs to be changed tittle


Although her voice is still amazing, people are not here for Keke Wyatt BBL, they are saying It’s uncomfortable to watch. Keke Wyatt is a popular gospel singer so I think the fact that she is a gospel singer people expect her to hold up the Christian beliefs and ethics which does not include BBL Surgery, her fans are saying she went overboard with the BBL Surgery given that this is allegedly her 3rd round of BBL. Keke Wyatt also allegedly had a Tummy Tuck Procedure done to top off the BBL.

In This BBL Era more and more people are beginning to campaign for a more natural look and feel what most celebs are doing to themselves is very unfortunate. Many fans are saying Keke Wyatt BBL takes away greatly from her music, they can’t even focus on her music they can’t even get the word of GOD because she got her butt done so big is a distraction, and if she wanted all the attention to go her behind she should have never become a gospel artiste, Now because of Keke Wyatt BBL nobody’s paying attention to her singing, her gospel message, her looks, everybody is focused on that BBL posterior.


Keke Wyatt fans are saying she has always been curvy and attractive, so Keke Wyatt BBL decision was unnecessary and a mistake. People who want extreme makeovers like this should do it properly and invest in highly skilled and result-driven professionals instead of relying on unnatural means. While some people are still criticizing her for her choice, ultimately it’s her body and her decision, and people have the right to express their opinions.


Keke Wyatt, a singer, and songwriter in the Gospel genre was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on March 10, 1982. From a young age, Keke displayed a passion for singing and rose to prominence in the early 2000s with the release of her first album, “Soul Sista”. She is recognized for her impressive vocal range and has worked with numerous prominent artists in the music industry. Keke has launched several albums over the course of her career and has also been featured on several reality TV programs, including R&B Divas: Atlanta and Marriage Boot Camp.

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Kelly Rowland Trevante Rhodes Star In New Movie Viral Scene WATCH!!



Kelly Rowland Trevante Rhodes both star in a new movie and the scenes from the movie have gone viral on social media. Fans of the destiny child star have not been able to get enough of the movie scene and yes the scene is very 🔥🔥.


Kelly Rowland an OG in the entertainment scene was part of destiny’s child with Beyonce and since then she has managed to retain her star power through movies and reality TV and this movie scene is bound to through her into the spotlight once again.


View screenshots from the movie scene below and you can also watch the full scene from the link provided below.




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