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8 Passport Bros UNALIVED In Colombia Within 8 Weeks!!



Tou Ger Xiong posted pics with Colombian girls before demise

Passport Bros have recently become somewhat of an endangered species in Colombia as 8 passport bros died within 8 weeks in the South American country from November 1 to December 31st last year.
It is common knowledge by now that your typical passport bro does not use conventional dating apps but makes use of local dating apps in Columbia to source for women. Passport bros always said they don’t like using conventional apps because nobody goes to Colombia to use Tinder.
Americans go to Colombia and use dating apps to meet women, we know this because the United States Department of Justice has told us US citizens traveling to Colombia have been warned against using dating apps in the country after the suspicious deaths of eight American tourists in two months. It’s being reported everywhere the US Embassy in Bogata said some of the victims were drugged and robbed after meeting people on these apps, the incidents occurred in Medina and Bogata where tourism from the US has picked up.

This cartel-driven operation in which men get robbed is centered around your thirst to get over there next to a Colombian beauty queen because obviously, that’s what’s happening to dudes going over there they can’t wait to flick it up with the women taking pictures of the food, sitting there with the woman across from you recording her talking about how great your trip is LOL!!

Colombia is the place where these people doing those videos and talking about how great it is to be there, but you don’t really expect somebody to tell you these stories of how horrible it can be but again they giving these men drugs over there just like a victim that was lucky not to lose his life told blogs. He said they tried to give him some dope.
Travelers are being told to avoid isolated locations like hotel rooms, and avoid a hotel room when you go to Medina avoid an isolated location like a hotel room when you in Columbia, criminals use the apps to also lure victims to public spaces like restaurants or bars where they assault Rob and even kill the people they meet, this information is coming from the embassy they said that in the final three months of 2023 the number of robberies of foreign visitors increased by 200%. In the last three months of 2023 eight Americans died between November 1st and December 31st crazy right, the unfortunate 8 passport bros are talked about below

50-year-old Tou Ger Xiong an artist and activist

Tou Ger Xiong posted pics with Colombian girls before demise

Tou Ger Xiong posted pics with Colombian girls before demise

Tou Ger Xiong was an American comedian and activist 50 years old he’s from Minnesota though he’s an Asian-American from Minnesota Daily Mail reports that he was kidnapped and killed while visiting Colombia he had been traveling in South America when he called his brother asking for money while on a date Sunday night this time he was like hey you have a couple thousandI’m in this bit of a situation.  His family growing more fearful when Tou Ger Xiong stopped responding to texts woke up in the morning so his brother sent him a text saying:   hey I thought you say you need money you still want the money text me back if you still want the money    But there was now  answer to this text.

According to a local prosecutor, Tou Ger Xiong was kidnapped during a date and killed when he could not make the payment his body was later found in a wooded area covered in stab wounds his family still searching for answers.


Philip Mullins

Colombian authorities found the lifeless body of American Philip Ryan Mullins in a hotel according to preliminary reports Witnesses reported that he had gone out in the company of other travelers to a party that lasted all night Friday arriving in his hotel room around 700 a.m. the next morning they said Philip Mullins had hallucinogenic substances in his hotel suite he was the fourth American that was found since November 13th

Gregory Stewart Owens

The family of Gregory Stewart Owens in Chattanooga is mourning the loss of a father that’s after they say he was killed during a trip to South America now his loved ones are working to bring his body back to the US. Imagine sending your father on a trip and him never returning that’s exactly what happened to the Owens family it was his 59th birthday on October 19th Colombian police told reporters that Owens was near the center of town in Cartagena Columbia when two thieves attacked him. Gregory Stewart Owens was a UPS driver in Chattanooga before retiring his daughter tea Owens posted on Facebook

it was his birthday and he didn’t deserve what happened to him he just wanted to enjoy his birthday trip like he always does anyone that knows me knows he was my everything

A Colombian journalist posted a video on Twitter of the director of Cartagena police Alo Cruz talking about the crime it says Owen suffered gunshot wounds to the head chest and shoulder killing him teia Owens said in her Facebook post that the family is doing everything they can to get his body back to the United States but it’s quite a process.  Gregory Stewart owens daughter writes

I’m hurt I’m angry but I know that my dad lived a full life and did everything he said he was going to do now we’re waiting to hear back from the carda police to find out more about the suspect we’ll be sure to let you know when we find out more

Jeffrey Hudson 55yrs old American Tourist

Jeffrey Hudson was found brutally murdered in a rented Airbnb in Medina Colombia on November 13, 2023. Now if as a tourist you are in an Airbnb because of the hotels you’re being told to stay away from so you think you’re doing the smart thing by being in an Airbnb but I’m saying Hell no that’s when somebody can say hey fam he over there at such and such the key under the Mat. I feel like it’s much easier to come and kidnap you out of an Airbnb at least you have somewhat of a chance of somebody seeing you at a hotel the Airbnb they just coming or better yet just unlock the door and come in there themselves 35 people deep.

His body was discovered b@thed in Bl00d and concealed under a sheet and it bears the semblance of a Savage attack with a bladed weapon the escalating number of deaths among foreigners in Medina encompassing homicides, overdoses, Scopolamine related incidents, suicides, and accidental deaths all of this is drawing the attention of the authorities.

Johnny Jerome a 45y old tourist from the USA

Johnny Jerome

Johnny Jerome

Johnny Jerome American citizen was unalived on November 2nd 2023 just a couple of months ago I said the fact that you can point to eight deaths of men of all Races going over here to engage in the culture and all that’s crazy.

The lifeless body of Johnny Jerome was found in the bathtub of a room in a luxurious hotel. the 45-year-old tourist from the United States was found dead in the bathtub of a room in a luxurious hotel. Johnny Jerome was there to celebrate his birthday and on his gofundme says

it it breaks our heart to know that he passed away on October 31st 2023 his 45th birthday he leaves behind his mother father brother niece and nephews

But again he also left behind a bunch of men who will speak on traveling to places like this that will ignore his story or downplay it and say that’s just one person that’s just one incident like for real if men are going to be serious about these traveling stories and bragging about the tales of things that they want to do when they go out of the country at least be honest about it and let these other younger men know that that bad things can happen to him.

Johnny Jerome was found dead in a jacuzzi in his suite at the Provenza loves hotel he went to Colombia to celebrate his birthday with his cousin and returned to the suite with two women about 3:30 thought he was living large right the women left around 5:30 his cousin remained in the living room drinking he went to sleep only to be found dead hours later y’all thinking y’all going turn up with these Colombian women and they end up robbing you how many times it’s gonna happen before people stop going to these places fam this is a dangerous ass place and obviously men are willing to go over there try drugs that they wouldn’t try under normal circumstances right can we be honest the these aren’t drugs you would normally be doing but since you’re over there and you got these two foreign women that’s all on you you know what I’m saying now you willing to try anything foolishness

Richard Pacho 43 was found dead in an apartment he was renting, he traveled to visit a friend in medina and was robbed by two women early in the morning of at a night club he and his friends ended their night out and returned home where he was discovered dead the next morning 11:00 a.m.

Also authorities found the decomposed body of US citizen Robert Leiden in a medina apartment after a concerned friend visited the home to do a wellness check so again the number of men being unalived is remarkably high and like I said I know more men travel to do this than what we can imagine.

There’s a lot of men that travel and what not to just have sex with women in these foreign countries but to me it needs to be told to them though that their lives is on the line.

Are you a passport bro?  Just Know that kidnapping of police officers is wild in South America and like I said before you travel make sure you know where you’re going kidnapping police officers is very common so how can you feel safe traveling to places where people will kidnap a police officer without thinking twice?

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Passport Bros Scopolamine Racket Exposed!! Ancient Zombie Plant “Devils Breath” Used to Drug Passport Bros



Passport Bros Scopolamine

Passport Bros Scopolamine, Colombia tourist drugging industry is exposed!! In major cities of Latin America, the trending industry now is drugging and robbing tourists.They use a drug that has been used since ancient times and is known as the “devil’s breath” It is known as Scopolamine in scientific and modern times. “Devils Breath” AKA Scopolamine has been used since ancient times.

Passport Bros Scopolamine

Passport Bros Scopolamine

The Aztecs and tribal groups in Latin America used it to zombify human sacrifices before rituals and also queens or slaves that were to be buried with their dead husbands/masters and make them walk willingly into the gr@ve, Yes it is a very scary and ancient drug!

Scopolamine Queens is dominating the passport bro headlines right now and it’s because the United States government has issued that warning about dating these foreign women and so we’re talking about years and years of men bragging about these women only to now be told that these same women are a threat to them LOL!! This is why I think the passport bros conversation is no longer viral.

Scopolamine is extracted out of a piece of flower that grows indigenously in Latin countries. Down there they take just a little like some seeds out of the middle of this flower and you can just like blow it on somebody or make it into powder and put it into somebody’s drink it will make the person completely black out but they’ll have all of their motor skills.

They’ll have full physical Mobility so people who get drugged with Scopolamine will be walking around like they are in a trance and can be ordered to do things, I could say

hey take me up to your apartment and give me your TV and all your money and all your furniture

and you’ll just do it that’s like a business. Mainstream media has now dubbed these Colombian girls setting up passport bros the “Scopolamine Queens” Lol!!

One of The Most Dangerous Drugs in the world is Scopolamine there’s no way around that it has an effect on human beings that you can’t even account for in regular conversation what it’ll do to someone is just not good and so it’s genderless issue if we’re talking about it without a conversation but today I’m talking about it about passport Bros.

Scopolamine is possibly the easiest way to incapacitate someone and so I wanted to talk about it in terms of the passport bro conversation but also make it clear that even if you’re a woman this is a huge threat to you as well. Not much is known about this flower in the States because the plant is not indigenous to America this plant is a huge threat to everyone’s safety in Columbia.

In Colombia, anybody can get drugged and this passport bros tourists seems to be the favorite option to use this zombie drug on by the pretty Colombian women this passport bros travels overseas to hook up with. Yes, the women are beautiful, everything about them looks nice AF!! Long hair and all so it’s got to be a horrible feeling for these passport Bros to know that the women that they were celebrating promoting and pushing have now turned into more of a threat to men than anything else. A very recent example of a “devil’s breath victim is Steven Valdez who was drugged, zombied, and robbed last year in Medellin, Columbia and there are a lot of Passport Bros victims ….. i mean a lot!! Even as recently as yesterday, another incident was reported!!

The passport bros trend hit its height last year it was so many videos done I mean they were up, but things have taken a turn for the worst now and there is not even a way for them to hide it they are now an endangered species. it’s just the L they got to take and I don’t think they’re ready to hold it yet, but they will!!

The passport Bros are going to places where the migrants are leaving the migrants don’t want to be in these places because of how they are but the passport Bros go to these places to visit and try to make us believe that they’re engaging in some type of super fun activity when some of what we’re hearing on this isn’t panning out that way and so once the US government has to step in and start giving warnings I think it’s pretty apparent that we’re not getting the whole story about what’s happening in Colombia.

Some of these women over there in Colombia know that men are coming that they can take advantage of so they’re just preparing for the next hit, the next lick if you will. I would think that here in America there would be better precautions taken but it’s not happening yet and so now that the mainstream has gotten a hold of the stories that are coming out a little bit quicker there are a few more of them in the news today and that’s been three over the past week so there are more and more stories that are being told AND THATS GREAT, We at have been at the forefront of posting this Passport Bros Stories and Passport Bros Warnings!! because in the end human life is valuable and should be protected.

American men are going over to different countries throwing money around trying to be seen not recognizing that the people of those countries ain’t with that you know these people don’t have it like that and for some reason, American men keep believing that they can go over there and use some resources to gain notoriety and it’s just making them targets they’re going over there becoming walking licks even worse groups of people are noticing what you’re doing this makes it a lot more dangerous because there’s an expectation now for American Tourist to have it so any American Tourist might be in danger just simply based on the stupidity that we see from some of the passport bros.

It’s dangerous “Even” in America to meet some women invite them over and not pay attention to what’s going on that’s dangerous in America you can’t even do that here so when these men go to a place like Colombia and they’re moving so loose that they they don’t realize that their lack of protection has put them in a vulnerable state yes they’re at fault for what they’re doing people can’t be so mindful of what’s going on in the ghettos and the hoods of America but then go to Colombia…..that’s foolish

There is not enough coverage of the passport bros casualties in Latin America, there are very few conversations about what’s going on in Cartagena or Bogata and people should know about the places they’re going to. They should know what’s happening in these crime field drug centers that they’re calling vacation spots and passport bro destinations and it really shouldn’t be a surprise that CNN in Colombia picked it up I mean the story is kind of out of control at this point there seems to be very few willing to discuss how many of these women are doing this to men. Passport bros that have fallen victim to these Scopolamine Queens may be embarrassed they may be ashamed to tell anybody what happened as they may be trying to hide this from their wives.

The first thought that should be in a man’s mind when he’s in some of these countries is that the women are out to take advantage of him selling these men the dreams and hopes that they’re going to go to these places and find a wife is really foolish. I mean we looking at a group of women who wait till you turn your back to put something in your drink to incapacitate you and turn you into a zombified passport bros LOL!!

So you’re a 55-year-old man and you believe that a 22-year-old Colombian Princess is going to fall in love with you for all the right reasons you’re probably 99 times out of 100 mistaken just know that these women are waiting for you they know exactly how it is that these men move because they’ve dealt with so many of them and at this point it’s just time to concede and give up on some of these places.

I mean it does bring the question why is everybody going to Colombia why are people so thirsty to go to a place that the United States had to issue Travel warnings about twice within a six-month period? I mean it’s just not smart to go there but people still do!!

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