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THF Teezy Dropped FBG Duck’s Location To OBlock6 Because He Slept With His Baby Mama!!!



Initially according to the OBlock members that cooperated the reason the OBlock6 rushed down to the Gold Coast in Chicago was because THF Teezy called that he was been threatened and pursued by FBG Duck and he was in danger.

Court documents has revealed interesting details of what lead to the motive behind dropping the location of the rapper which lead to the demise of FBG Duck on that fateful day. One of this information that has been made public is the reason for THF Teezy dropping the location of rapper FBG Duck to the OBlock 6 to come and do a drill in broad day light.


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Court documents reveal that he dropped FBG Duck’s Location over petty jealousy of his Baby Mama leaving him and moving on with FBG Duck in the past. He did this even when FBG Duck and his baby mama are no more together.

This “Teezy” character was so thirsty to get FBG Duck out of the way that he also called another K*lla called Dada/Badazz (ex-THF) who reps a different set from the OBlock 6 and dropped him the location of the FBG Duck.

Put yourself in the O’Block 5’s shoes real fast. How would you personally feel when you get to court and you hear that THF Teezy was never threatened, chased, or sh*t at by Duck and his people?

That he called you up and told a lie just so you would slide on Duck and k*ll him all because Duck piped his baby mama years ago and not even recently. Then you find out on top of that Teezy r*p*d his cellmate(another man for you slow people) and he messing with the transmissions in jail too?

Here is the court documents below:

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Kelly Rowland Trevante Rhodes Star In New Movie Viral Scene WATCH!!



Kelly Rowland Trevante Rhodes both star in a new movie and the scenes from the movie have gone viral on social media. Fans of the destiny child star have not been able to get enough of the movie scene and yes the scene is very 🔥🔥.


Kelly Rowland an OG in the entertainment scene was part of destiny’s child with Beyonce and since then she has managed to retain her star power through movies and reality TV and this movie scene is bound to through her into the spotlight once again.


View screenshots from the movie scene below and you can also watch the full scene from the link provided below.




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