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Most Beautiful South African Celebrity Women



Most Beautiful South African Celebrity Women

South Africa is a place you find a varying amount of diverse ethnicities different colours shapes and sizes all in one place coexisting that that is not our main focus today rather we are focusing on the women wheeew South African women do not play i repeat they do not play when the slay this is a known fact that everybody agrees on in fact men from other African European and other continent flocks to South Africa to have a shot at their ladies because they are well endowed to the core you cannot talk about sexiness without mentioning SouthAfrican ladies they are the gold standard of measurement well without much ado and much talk lets get down to the list of the 15 most beautiful girls in South Africa

14.Lalla Hiriyama

Most Beautiful South African Celebrity Women

She is Japanese born and she juggles tv presenting. radio oap, dancer , singer and also modeling well what can we say she surely is a master at her craft talk about a superwoman yeah

13.Lerato Kganyago

Most Beautiful South African Celebrity Women

since She won the miss Soweto beauty pageant there has been no stopping her as she has been on a massive successful running on multiple ventures from hosting the lkg show on Soweto tv to getting her own show on sabc1 she is an embodiment of a hardworking woman this dark-skinned beauty is also renowned for he bold fashion sense

12. Moneoa

Most Beautiful South African Celebrity Women

She is from the xhosa tribe in southafrica her first stint on camera was as a video vixen on shugarmax ft sliquor hit banger titled take it easy, with her lovely voice and good looks cpou[pled with a banging body she has made it to the top as one of South-Africa’s top celebs

11. Nomuzi Mabena

She is bald-headed and she rocks the hell out of it she burst into the scene after she won the mtv vj competition in 2012 and she has been on a roll since then she has been on a massive roll and she is from the east in benoni so we can as well say benoni rock in south Africa and baldheaded girls are beautiful too so have long luscious locks ain’t a factor no more

10.Jeannie D

White girl alert!! yeah yeah she is a white SouthAfrican, she anchors the travel series on top travel you are all used to her face by now, she is also a regular face on SABC show aptly titled afternoon express also on radio her voice rings true on multiple programs she keeps burning hotter and hotter, body right, mind right and everything right

9.Jo-Ann Straus

After representing south Africa on miss universe pageant of 2001 we can never forget he she is so so lovely and her pretty face has graced our tv for years since then, she is a businesswoman and also models part-time African men can’t seem to get enough of her

8.Pearl Thusi

This afro rocking damsel is a real stunner wow, she rocks the afro so perfect that everyone talks about it on social media she burst into the scene in zone14a movie she starred in, her body is also one of her more obvious attribute

7.Lee Ann Liebenberg

Crowned the sexiest woman alive by FHN, she has been a regular face on tv for some years now. the Roodepoort Gauteng born socialite has also graced the face of maxim south Africa she is sexy and she knows it and she carries herself well, she also boasts of a large number of followers on social media

6.Noomzamo Mbatha

He who finds a wife done found a good thing well what happens when you find a beauty with brains? this socialite is definitely one she is a registered accountant alongside been an actress and tv personality she burst into the scene when she starred in mzansi magic series Isibaya

5.Nandi Mngoma

She is a musician alongside also been an actress and she rocks a crew cut to look as we no not most girls can pull off this look and she is very beautiful with it she rocks it perfectly he music career has been moving on good alongside her acting career and its been quite a ride for our petite Nandi

4.Bonang Matheba

she has been crowned the number one slay queen of the south African social media space she boasts of a large following on Twitter and Instagram and she is also a brand ambassador to Revlon cosmetics alongside other reputable brands, she also models and works as a video vixen in music videos

3.Amanda Du pont

She is an actress-model and tv personality famous for playing thabisile dlamini on Muvahango a series airing on SABC2, this pretty swazi born damsel keeps the fire burning as her fans can’t seem to get enough of her

2.Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo

Most Beautiful South African Celebrity WomenMost Beautiful South African Celebrity Women

The Queen Bee of South African social media space boitumelo is the darling of a lot of south Africans many south African girls look up to her as a role model and she bares her mind on many social issues concerning South Africa and many of her fans seem to hold on to her words . of recent times she has become more and more likened to a social activist.


1.Minnie Dlamini

Most Beautiful South African Celebrity Women

She is Queen, that is a big fact anyone would hardly want to doubt, she is one of South Africa’s biggest celebs she has fans not only in south Africa but all over Africa. one glance at her and you are awestruck by this beautiful woman, she was born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal she has been an unstoppable force since she first hit our screen a couple of years back and everyone seems to look forward to seeing her face on tv. she has a lot of admirers cum fans on social media of recent more and more people are seeing and looking up to her as one of the south African greatest fashion icons. She has also bagged a lot of endorsements deals on reputable brands in South Africa and also on social media site Instagram….. BIG UP MINNIE DLAMINI

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P DIDDY Gay! Is P DIDDY Gay? Find Out




Is P DIDDY Gay? So P Diddy is once again getting exposed for being Gay and this time rapper The Game has a lot to say about the situation.

The game just joined the very long list of rappers who have exposed P Diddy Gay allegations and rapper The Game brought receipts to expose Diddy for trying to force him into a relationship even though he’s not gay.   I swear it feels like Diddy gets exposed every five business days for being on the DL and with each new revelation things just get crazier and crazier, rapper The Game is now joining the long list of celebs who are speaking on Diddy and well his story might be one of the craziest ones that we’ve heard in a while and that’s saying a lot because the stories about Diddy are nothing short of wow.

The game recently sat down for an interview with Drink Champs and he had a lot to say about P Diddy and how he tried to finesse him into a gay relationship. Back in the day when the game was still trying to get his footing in Hollywood, he met Diddy and while Diddy made it seem like he was going to help the game get his career on track he did no such thing and the game hinted that Diddy even tried to turn him into his boy toy.

I started kicking it with Diddy right I ran around with Diddy for two years uh damn near um and this Diddy we never went to the studio one time :Game Says

Leading someone on for two entire years is just crazy but this is not the first time that Diddy has been accused of trying to get into a relationship with a younger man who looked up to him as a mentor in the industry. I mean like him or hate him we can’t deny that Diddy remains one of the top guns in the industry and he has managed to stay on the top for decades which isn’t an easy task but anyway, people have believed for years that Diddy kind of finessed Usher into a relationship.

When Usher was younger and just getting started in the industry he was sent to live with Diddy in hopes that Diddy would teach him the ropes of the business but instead, he got exposed to a lot of things he just shouldn’t have seen back in the days when he was like 10. There was also an interview that Usher did where he was being very chatty but the moment the conversation shifted to what life was like when he was living with Diddy the interviewer noted that Usher became surprisingly restrained I want to save some stuff for my book one day he said I’ll put it this way there was a lot of Diddy.

It’s not like people are just realizing that P DIDDY Gay rumors could be true, because people have been talking about it for years Wendy Williams was one of the first people to try to expose him back in the ’90s when she spoke on this issue and he was so mad that he came after her entire bag and tried to get her fired.

Wendy Williams was practically burned at the stake for talking about such and now it’s all come full circle but that’s not all because his former bodyguard Gene also spilled the tea on Diddy’s escapades with men. The rapper exhibit also revealed that Diddy once took him to a gay bar business

we go out and get a drink you know are we sitting there popping to the music and then P DIDDY  point over the quarters two dudes kisses you know what I’m saying I like this okay then there’s girls in the club too and then he pointed another Direction it’s another dude over there like butt a** n*ked.

50 Cent also claimed that Diddy once tried to take him shopping. Now people believe that he tried to love bomb 50 Cent into getting intimately involved with him but 50 wasn’t interested in that and talking about shopping and spending money it looks like that might be Diddy’s preferred method of picking up boy toys because according to the game that’s exactly how did he make a play for him he made this Revelation back in 2011 about rappers who were in the closet so that in the closet.

It is also alleged that P Diddy might have infected Usher with herpes when they were intimately involved we know that Usher had been exposed for having herpes and people believe that Diddy might have been the one who got Usher infected the game also spoke about how he knows a particular DL rapper who tries to hide his sexuality by being a womanizer or having multiple kids with different baby mamas, hiding trying to pretend like he loves girls and lived the rap life he’s a man fan. Yeah, that fits P Diddy down to the T.

He has a reputation for being a womanizer and he is currently in a weird situationship with City Girl rapper Young Miami the situation is so weird that we’ve kind of given up on trying to understand what exactly is going on between them he also has seven kids with four baby mamas and welcomed his last baby last year while he was still in a situationship with Miami so yeah he’s kind of checking all the boxes of being a womanizer which makes it even more clear that he was the rapper that The Game might have been talking about.

If you still have doubts well the game went on Drink Champs where he talked in depth about his relationship with Diddy and well I think he made it pretty clear that Diddy wanted to do more than make music with him this all happened back when the game was trying to kick-start his career along with his older brother big face they made and sent out mixtapes and demos and one of the tapes ended up on Diddy’s table.

P DIDDY claimed that he wanted to sign the game to Bad Boy Records but he kept stringing him along for two years until he eventually got signed by Dr Dre well allegedly it turns out that it might have had something to do with the fact that Diddy made advances at the game who turned him down because he wasn’t interested to remember how 50 Cent said that Diddy tried to take him on a shopping spree like he was an Instagram daddy. Well, the game revealed that Diddy did the same thing to him too.

The rapper fabulous also exposes P Diddy Gay antics….

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