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Nicki Minaj Rants About Instagram Shadow Banning and Oppressing Her!!



Nicki Minaj went on a rant about how Instagram has shadow banned her on the platform, her fans no longer get notifications when she posts and neither do they get notified when she goes live.

She said she gets more engagement on Tiktok where she has a meager 20million followers compared to Instagram where she has 229 million followers. Read what she posted below:


229 million followers on IG

20 million followers on tiktok


the math has never mathed. 🙂😩😅

Are ppl just using tiktok more? Yeah, right… 🤨

229 MILLION followers on one app gets you significantly less plays & likes than an app with 20 million followers?

Like do you understand how far apart these 2 numbers are?



I have to laugh.

Take the next poll I post guys ☺️💞💋🎀🤨🧃✅

It don’t fkng matter if I posted 2 pics every hour. I do the same on tiktok. Go & look for yourself. Policing WHAT I post is no one’s business. I see cpl of y’all sayin dat. Once again you must not understand the difference between these 2 numbers

20 million & 229 MILLION. 🎀💋


y’all just be repeating sh!t 😩

Posted a bunch of boring stuff on tiktok. It doesn’t make that yellow hoodie video get watched less. It doesn’t make the viewership on my lives go down.

It’s called algorithm games. Misuse of control & power💞💋

After a fan tweeted saying ” It should show your notifications for EVERYTHING! No matter how frequently you post. I never get any of your notifications. I always have to go to your page to see if you post anything

She Replied:

Exactly. Someone using that brain of theirs. You can’t decide to discriminate against anyone on any platform. I always say 80% LESS than I rlly know. They conveniently missed what I said about Rah’s blog. Stay in school #PinkFriday2

And just like that, I’ve been renewed with faith that there are intelligent ppl left in this world chi. #ShoutOutMyIntellects

WooWee!!!!! If you’d like to attend the tour dm me babe…you just won a M&G 🎀💞💋☺️ I appreciate you #PinkFriday2 #GagCityTOUR

Then another Fan account tweeted her Instagrams FAQ on the subject matter SHE BLOCKED THE FAN 😂😂


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Kelly Rowland Trevante Rhodes Star In New Movie Viral Scene WATCH!!



Kelly Rowland Trevante Rhodes both star in a new movie and the scenes from the movie have gone viral on social media. Fans of the destiny child star have not been able to get enough of the movie scene and yes the scene is very 🔥🔥.


Kelly Rowland an OG in the entertainment scene was part of destiny’s child with Beyonce and since then she has managed to retain her star power through movies and reality TV and this movie scene is bound to through her into the spotlight once again.


View screenshots from the movie scene below and you can also watch the full scene from the link provided below.




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