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Rapper Sexyy Red Baby Shower Video With Her Baby Daddy Goes Viral!!



Rapper Sexyy Red Baby Shower with her Baby Daddy has gone viral. The pregnant rapper and her Baby Daddy were doing Alot during the baby shower.

Sexyy Red is deemed as one of the most “Ratch*t” Female rappers in the industry as her online/offline actions both and lyrics in her music portray the worst characteristics of the hoods of America.

She keeps associating herself with sm*lly genitals, STIs, and general fckery and people keep crying that she is very unhygienic 🤧

Unfortunately she actually looks cute here but still felt the need to be gross 🤢

And during her baby shower this is exactly what she choose to portray as she mandated her Baby Daddy to pose for the cam and her caption of this said video is the worst of the worst !!


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SexyyRed really needs to start asking herself questions like….. As I go through life I am subconsciously thinking of how things I do will age and what those things say. Do I want crazy posts on Facebook? Do I want nasty pics on ig? I often think of how I would have to explain this to my kids and if how what I’m doing in public will affect them and if I’d appreciate them doing the same things

This is the same Baby Daddy that she was with in her Private Video that got leaked months Ago.

Rapper SexyRedd and the Controversial Video Scandal

Sexyy Red Pic & Video With Dirty Toes Goes Viral

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Disney Star Halle Bailey Exposed By Her Baby Daddy Struggle Rapper DDG!!



ddg exposed halle bailey

Halle Bailey is going viral today, months after giving birth in secret. Her recent viral moment is all thanks to her baby daddy DDG.

DDG in a reaction to his mishap on social media says he believes what he did his funny and he was seen laughing about it at the detriment of his baby mama halle bailey.

Halle bailey has cultivated a very clean image since her break into hollywood and has turned down a lot of roles in movies she did not deem to be righteous in the eyes of God but her baby daddy DDG has thrown that all away for her now with what he did.

During a recent live stream with halle bailey DDG turned his phone camera on her when she was in a private moment and as they say the rest is viral history now.


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