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TikToker Pinkydollreal is pregnant for D-List Rapper NLE Choppa



pinkydollreal pregnant

Pinkydollreal is pregnant! The ” Ice cream so good” Viral Tiktoker is pregnant and Nle Choppa is allegedly the BabyDaddy. She is rumored to be 3-4 months pregnant judging from when she started messing with NLE CHOPPA some month ago.

This was when they first hooked up below

Pinkydollreal pregnant

Pinkydollreal NLE Choppa

Here they are hanging out back in October 2023. I guess he invited her to perform at his show and they recorded some content for Tik Tok.

Pinkydollreal Confirms Pregnancy

Pinkydollreal confirms her pregnancy by posting her baby bump on social media and captioning the photo ” I am eating for two now” which is a direct reference to the baby in her womb. This is not Pinkydollreal first child as she has a kid who is known to fans who view her live streams because she always yells at the kid during her streams. The babydaddy of her first child has reportedly been booted out to make room for the new baby daddy D-List rapper NLE CHOPPA.

Pregnant PinkyDollreal Confirms NLE CHOPPA as Her BabbyDaddy

pinkydollreal nle choppa pregnancy

pinkydollreal confirms nle choppa pregnancy

Pregnant Pinkdollreal confirmed Nle Choppa as her baby daddy by liking the comment of a fan who asked if the babby daddy is Nle Choppa. She promptly liked this comment immediately it was asked thus adding weight to the rumor that NLE CHOPPA is indeed the father of her baby.

We wish the newest couple in town the best of luck……

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Disney Star Halle Bailey Exposed By Her Baby Daddy Struggle Rapper DDG!!



ddg exposed halle bailey

Halle Bailey is going viral today, months after giving birth in secret. Her recent viral moment is all thanks to her baby daddy DDG.

DDG in a reaction to his mishap on social media says he believes what he did his funny and he was seen laughing about it at the detriment of his baby mama halle bailey.

Halle bailey has cultivated a very clean image since her break into hollywood and has turned down a lot of roles in movies she did not deem to be righteous in the eyes of God but her baby daddy DDG has thrown that all away for her now with what he did.

During a recent live stream with halle bailey DDG turned his phone camera on her when she was in a private moment and as they say the rest is viral history now.


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