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Mytitsrreal on Twitter, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth




Mytitsrreal is an influencer on Twitter that posts viral content and it will surprise you that she is a real woman. Many people on social media think that mytitsrreal is a catfish account but she has now revealed that she is a woman who runs the account on Twitter, her real name is Sophie Taila and she lives in Spain.

Mytitsrreal Bio

Talia revealed that she was born and still lives in Spain and she is currently in college. She says she is studying literature at the University of Cluj and that she uses her spare time from classes to post on her Twitter account mytitsrreal.

Mytitsrreal AKA Talila Age

She says she was born on Feb 27, 2000. So she is currently 23 years old. Her birthday is coming up on the 27th of Feb and she just might invite a few fans to party with her.

Mytitsrreal AKA Talila Height and Weight

Mytitsrreal height is 5’7 inches. She is of a petite frame and she says she always feels small when she steps outside her house because people are so big. She weighs just 61kg so she is on the light side as well.

Mytitsrreal AKA Talila Age Net Worth

She is just an undergraduate in college and according to her, she has not started making any money from her social media influencing. She says she does not post on social media because of the money but that she does it purely for the fun in it and she says this new year she plans on posting more on her Twitter account. She plans on being more visible on Twitter by posting more of her pictures on the social media platform. She also says she plans on using Instagram more and hopes her fanbase on Twitter will follow her over to the picture-sharing social media APP.

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Disney Star Halle Bailey Exposed By Her Baby Daddy Struggle Rapper DDG!!



ddg exposed halle bailey

Halle Bailey is going viral today, months after giving birth in secret. Her recent viral moment is all thanks to her baby daddy DDG.

DDG in a reaction to his mishap on social media says he believes what he did his funny and he was seen laughing about it at the detriment of his baby mama halle bailey.

Halle bailey has cultivated a very clean image since her break into hollywood and has turned down a lot of roles in movies she did not deem to be righteous in the eyes of God but her baby daddy DDG has thrown that all away for her now with what he did.

During a recent live stream with halle bailey DDG turned his phone camera on her when she was in a private moment and as they say the rest is viral history now.


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