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Bryce James Height



Bryce James Height

Bryce James height has steadily been creeping into the consciousness of basketball fans all over the world, everyone is wondering what is bryce james height? Find out here.



When discussions are made about lebron James offspring the talk is always centered on bronny james, but his second son Bryce James has slowly been carving out a piece of the spotlight fr himself, and his basketball highlights from his games have gone viral on youtube.



A recent picture that got online has got people intrigued at how much he has grown up over the past 12 months. In the leaked photo bryce james looked way taller than his elder brother bronny James, many are shocked that his growth spell kicked in way earlier than was expected.



Bryce James’ height is 6’7 and his elder brother Bronny James’ height is listed as 5’8 and Bryce James is just 14yrs old while his elder brother is 16yys old. Take a look at the image below.

Bryce James Height

Judging from the image above we can deduce that Bryce James has a good 3 to 5 inches above his elder brother bronny despite being younger by 2yrs.

But bronny is still the most athletic of the two but Bryce is projected as the one that will match or even surpass his father lebron james height, all eyes are on them as everyone is interested to see how far they go in the basketball world as no basketball legends offspring has performed up to the standard set by teir parent so far.

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