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Did Mike Dee Set Pop Smoke Up? Mike Dee Is Not Pop Smoke Blood Brother (FACTS)



Mike Dee Set Pop Smoke Up
Did Mike Dee Set Pop Smoke Up? Has been a trending topic Since American fast-rising drill rapper, Bashar Jackson aka pop smoke got killed in LA over three months ago the word that has been on everyone’s lips is who set pop smoke up? could it have been mike dee whose real names are Michael Durodola? did mike dee set pop smoke up? Well, I can’t give you a concrete answer to these questions but while we wait for the LAPD to finish their investigation we sure can try and make sense out of all this because pop smoke is definitely not resting in peace so let us begin.
Did Mike Dee Set Pop Smoke Up? Mike Dee Is Not Pop Smoke Blood Brother
Pop smoke left Newyork on 17 February 2020 he traveled to Los Angeles California because new york was a bit heated for him because he just got out of jail on bail for stealing a Rolls Royce and the owner got him arrested though he was bailed out after his mother put up her house for his bail, now please note at this point pop smoke had made a sizable sum from both his meet the woo  1 and 2 albums, shows and endorsements but he couldn’t bail himself out, where did all this money go? His friends and associates, of course, they were milking this young wolf dry and this fact must have dawned on him while he was sitting in jail waiting for his friends to help but no help came from them, his mom came to the rescue so this was a fact that pop smoke must have obviously realized his friends and associates were a liability.
Pop smoke left New york with Mike dee and his personal photographer Apex Visions because NYPD told him to stay clear of all his gang associates and the irony of it all was that mike dee is actually a gang associate and pop smoke was soon to realize the danger he was in.
They checked into an Airbnb in the Hollywood hills owned by Mellencamp Family and pop smoke settled in then the next few days the photograph session that would, later on, be a conspiracy point in pop smokes murder began.
                                                                                                          POP SMOKE INSTAGRAM
Did Mike Dee Set Pop Smoke Up? Mike Dee Is Not Pop Smoke Blood Brother


Did Mike Dee Set Pop Smoke Up? Mike Dee Is Not Pop Smoke Blood Brother
Did Mike Dee Set Pop Smoke Up? Mike Dee Is Not Pop Smoke Blood Brother
These pics were taken by Apex visions and posted on both pop smokes and mike dee Instagram accounts respectively but even though pop smoke edited his address out of the pics he posted on his Instagram Mike dee did not, in fact, mike dee posted the full address to the glare of the public on his Instagram, now considering the way pop smoke moved (Crib Gang Affiliations) which mike dee is also a party to, posting pop smoke address by mike dee is considered a very deadly snake move but let us continue, after the photo shoot they all went to prepare for a party that was going down that fateful night.
Pop smoke was murdered on  19 February 2020 and on this fateful night a party or get together of some sort was held, note that up to this moment three months after we do not still know the attendees of this party but we do know mike dee was very present at this party, now let us run through the strange events that went down on this fateful night.

After the party, the following events occurred

The alarms were turned off: this sure looks like a scene off the power sitcom right lol Nah it is real and yes you read that correctly the alarms were turned off and the kind of alarm systems Called ADT Alarms used in the Hollywood hills can only be turned off via password only, so someone who knows the password of the alarm system turned it off and it was definitely not pop smoke, well guess who knew the password apart from pop smoke?
The door was left unlocked: the back door to the Airbnb was left unlocked, and according to the LAPD three masked men came to the house and one went through the back door and did the deed, so someone in that house left that backdoor unlocked very nicely for the intruders to come in and do their job, even after pop smoke was shot we can hear him screaming on the 911 call that ‘who else is here now that sounds like a man who was 100% sure his alarm was on and his backdoor shut, so pick another guess who left the backdoor unlocked?
The first 911 call came from New York: Pop smoke was shot in Hollywood hills Los Angeles California and the first 911 came from the east coast of new york. Famelord did some digging into this weird call and we found out that call was made by mike dee to pop smokes mother, now why would mike dee call pop smoke mom who is in another part of the country instead of calling the LAPD directly? was he trying to waste precious time and make sure pop smoke dies?
Mike Dee edited his Instagram posts: right after pop smoke got shot mike dee edited all the captions on the pictures they took earlier in the day and also deleted the
posts he showed pop smokes address, and after it was confirmed that pop smoke had exited this world mike dee excitedly posted on Instagram statues; Who in LA’ and he deleted it immediately…. wow
Now I ask you all did Michael Durodola aka mike dee set pop smoke up? wait!! before you answer this question I want you to listen to the second 911 made to the LAPD from the Airbnb, listen carefully 

Pop smoke was still alive at the time this call was made, he can be heard clearly screaming ‘who else is here and Apex Visions replies ‘No One’ ‘i thought both of you were play fighting’ while mike dee was on the phone been uncooperative with the operator if mike dee was really trying to save pop smoke won’t he be asking the operator for directions in performing a quick CPR and ways to stop the bleeding? instead of mike dee trying to save his friend he was on that call with the operator acting nonchalant, his I don’t care attitude was very clear for all to see.. this is a cold cold world for real…
Lastly, Michael Durodola aka mike dee is not pop smokes blood brother watch the video below

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Chef Dee BBL! Did Chef Dee Get A BBL?



Chef Dee BBL

Chef Dee BBL has been trending for months now and Anthony from Bad Boys Texas on Zeus network might have just thrown fuel on this BBL Allegation.

Though it might sound far-fetched for a man to have BBL! Lol, But in reality it is not as far-fetched as you think it is, there are actually men in the entertainment industry that have undergone BBL Surgery most notable of them is Bandman Kevo The Reformed Scammer.


Did Chef Dee Get A BBL?

To be honest Chef Dee does look like he had BBL surgery done, all the telltale signs are there as you can see below.

Chef Dee BBL

Chef Dee 

And then there is the interview his fellow co-star on Bad Boys Texas gave in which he said dropped some shocking revelations about Chef Dee.

The interview revolved around Anthony’s response to a clip from a recent episode and his comments about Chef Dee’s behavior, hygiene, and BBL Surgery. The interview also includes comments from others regarding Anthony’s remarks.

From the Interview, it is clear that Anthony had some grievances with Chef Dee. He mentioned issues such as Chef Dee having A BBL, serving uncooked food at his birthday party, selling soggy items, not cleaning up after himself, leaving dirty sheets in the guest room, and having multiple unknown people in Anthony’s house. Anthony criticized Chef Dee for allegedly using the spotlight and lying about it, and he suggested that Chef Dee invest in a cooking class and fix his food truck’s financial issues.

The interview highlights how Anthony’s comments were seen as a sharp and direct critique of Chef Dee, particularly focusing on his BBL, hygiene, wigs, and personal habits. Some reactions so far from fans show that while some sided with Anthony, expressing support for his claims and criticizing Chef Dee’s behavior. Others expressed their dislike for both individuals or remained neutral.

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