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Talia Tilley: The Lady That Was With Pop Smoke The Night He Died (Pics X Details)



The Lady That Was With Pop Smoke The Night He Died

Talia Tilley is the lady that set up Yung berg and was with pop smoke the night he got robbed and killed in the Hollywood hills condo in LA, she was present in the house alongside mike dee and apex vision.

Talia Tilley was the one in the bedroom when the armed robbers ran through the condo and she was the witness mentioned at the trial that told the police that she was threatened at gunpoint with a gun to her head to divulge where the drill rapper popsmoke was at that moment.

She told the goons and according to her words she was told to keep quiet and the goons went to the bathroom and robbed popsmoke but a scuffle ensued and the drill rapper popsmoke was shot and he ran out but was followed into the room where according to the police he was kicked and beaten.The Lady That Was With Pop Smoke The Night He Died

Now let’s get down to the matter you can recall wrote a full-length investigative article on popsmokes murder and how mike dee set up popsmoke, you can read the article Here and get in tune with the situation.

With the revelation made by the police and what we have always suspected, we at have some hypothesis about what might have happened that fateful night.


Could it be Talia Tilley connived with mike dee to set up Popsmoke ?

With all the information available now it is looking most likely and the fact that she also set up another rapper Yung Berg.


The Yung Berg Situation

According to Yung Berg In the middle of the bedroom romp with Talia Tilley, His  ADT home alarm just like the one that was in the house Popsmoke was killed in sounded at the back door. A Ring camera captured footage of two armed men jumping the back fence into Yung Bergs yard and attempting to breach the back door. They were unsuccessful because of a heavy chain and lock on the door. Then the gunmen went around to the front of the house and tried to kick in the front door.

During the attempted home invasion, Yung Berg said he  glanced at Tilley’s cell phone screen and noticed she was “sharing her location with an unknown person.” The person was “calling and texting her before, during, and after this attempted home invasion robbery,”

Yung Berg has since provided security videos and phone records to the LAPD to assist in their investigation of Talia Tilley and the home invaders.


Points that don’t add up about the pop smoke situation

  • She said she was held at gunpoint before they all rushed to the bathroom leaving her alone in the room?
  • Why didn’t she call for help?
  • The timing of pop smokes most vulnerable moment in the bathroom was very accurate
  • Popsmoke would not be her first time setting up a rapper to get robbed she allegedly set up Yung Berg too.
  • And on the 911 call, she can be heard saying I thought you all were play fighting, REALLY!!!!! 

What do you all think? Please leave a comment because I will very much love to write a follow-up article to this and I can only do so with your feedback.




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O.J. Simpson Dead at 76 After Cancer Battle!!



O J Simpson Death

Legendary Football Player and Notorious Figure O.J. Simpson Dies!

O.J. Simpson, a household name synonymous with both football greatness and a sensational murder trial, passed away yesterday at the age of 76.
According to his family, Simpson succumbed to a battle with cancer.

O J Simpson Death

O J Simpson Death

The news comes just weeks after reports surfaced about his declining health and rumors of hospice care.

Before the infamous trial that gripped the nation, O.J. Simpson was an American hero.

He dominated the gridiron as a running back for the Buffalo Bills, earning him a place in the Football Hall of Fame.

Beyond football, Simpson transitioned into acting and endorsements, becoming a familiar face on television and in commercials.

In 1994, Simpson’s life took a dramatic turn when he was accused of the double murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman.

The subsequent trial became a media spectacle, dividing the nation along racial lines.

Simpson was ultimately acquitted but found liable in a civil lawsuit.

Despite the acquittal, the murders forever tarnished Simpson’s reputation.

He later faced legal troubles again in 2007 for an armed robbery in Las Vegas.

Simpson remained a controversial figure in the public eye, with his legacy a complex mix of athletic achievement and legal notoriety.

O.J. Simpson’s death definitely marks the end of a tumultuous chapter in American history.


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