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Why Do Gangsters Sag Their Pants? Find Out Why



Why Do Gangsters Sag Their Pants

Why Do Gangsters Sag Their Pants? Is a very common question that deserved a comprehensive explanation we detailed in this article….

In this 21st-century hip-hop generation sagging of pants by gangsters and civilians alike has become an extremely popular phenomenon, and this is not only exclusive to America, on the contrary, but this also is more rampant now overseas than in the united states, a quick look at Latina or African YouTube space or celeb Instagram accounts confirmd this and even their youths are not left out as they actively look up to, admire, copy and worship American hip-hop culture.

Why Do Gangsters Sag Their Pants

The sagging of pants by gangsters had been in existence for a very long time and it had over the years crept its way into the fashion world and is still a very dominating Vogue in our world today. It has been adopted by many in the entertainment world thus making the young who look up to them do the same, but what we’re after is why the gangsters sag their pants because this trend obviously gained popularity because of them.

Some answers to these questions were discovered on Quora as some claimed sagging is simply a form of fashion for gangsters and as well an opportunity to show the world who they are. This proves that Sagging goes way down more than fashion to gangsters for it is now a way of showing their identity, Making the whole world know they are gangsters, and taking great pride in being acknowledged as one.

Sagging gives gangsters an opportunity to rebel. ‘Doing things out of the normal is already seen as rebellious so why not sag and be tagged as a rebel so you can rebel without an ounce of care. Take, for instance, people who dye their hair are often classified as rugged people even if they aren’t and so because of the already existing tag that comes with sagging gangsters have more than enough opportunities to revel in the wrong without disappointing anyone.

Another reason why gangsters sag is because of comfortability. However strange it might seem gangsters find sagging comfortable. I happened to ask a friend of mine why he sags and his answer was that ‘they find sagging much more comfortable than being all tucked in and looking corporate. Sagging to gangsters is seen as a casual and informal way of dressing. Sagging is an old and already existing way of life in the ghettos and so with respect to the cultures of the thug life gangsters are not willing to let go of the generational heritage. Would sagging be leaving the limelight soon? I doubt.

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