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12yrs old Girl Accidentally Pulls Trigger On Her 14yrs Old Cousin (VIDEO)



A 14yrs old St Louis girl just accidentally’ shot her male 12 year-old cousin de@d in a freak incident and she also managed to accidentally shoot herself de@d in the process while streaming on Instagram Live at a birthday party, Famelord has Uncovered.

The video has since gone viral on social media, this is a very sad occurrence and no family deserves to go through such a tragic accident.

St Louis Cops on first appraisal of the situation initially described the freak incident, in which the 12-year-old St Louis teenager Paris Harvey, accidentally shot her 14-year-old cousin, Kuaron Harvey before accidentally shooting herself, as a murder-suicide.

But the family of the kids involved have long debunked this narrative and they vehemently vow that the horrific shooting that took place at the house the family lives in and also used to celebrate the I’ll fated birthdays, as just another ‘freak accident.’

The kids involved, Kuaron and Paris, whose mother and father are blood siblings, were both pronounced de@d at the scene by paramedics who tried to revive them but to no avail.

One of the de@d teens mother, Paris’ mother, 35-year-old Shinise Harvey had this to say to the St Louis Daily dispatch:

It was no murder. It wasn’t a suicide,’ . ‘It was a freak accident. It happened.’

They were playing with the gun, when they shouldn’t have been. Of course, they shouldn’t have been doing it. I think it just went off. It went off by mistake.’

The police are presently investigating how the got the gun, and who the gun is registered to.


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