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Milwaukee Rapper Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla Found Dead in A Burning Car!! Death Ruled As A Homicide



Milwaukee Rapper Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla Found Dead in A Burning Car!! Authorities have ruled his Death Ruled As A Homicide the rapper was from Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Some of y’all might be thinking Milwaukee man what rappers are from Milwaukee but there used to be a guy by the name of cuckoo cow and he was from Milwaukee he had a song called my projects and it was a national hit don’t sleep on where anybody is from but today we’re coming with some sad news about the rapper Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla looks like he met his untimely demise while you know being in his hometown and being a rapper in his hometown now Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla seems like he had a decent following on social media and a couple of people were vibing with his music.

If you look at his videos it’s about the consistent, it seemed like the dude was content with where he was in the rap game but things came to a halt on screech yesterday when he lost his life now the specifics of this are kind of disturbing and a little murky man so let’s break down what happened in this situation.

let’s get it okay now like i said in the intro dude had a career that was consistent you know what i mean he was a little long in the tooth but it seemed like he loved what he did and he was investing in his musical career man you cannot hate on that now Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla was 42 years old so he definitely was an elder statesman in the rap game but we’ve seen it there before man we’ve seen a lot of people progress through life and just be happy making music because remember making music is an art form it’s not a sport you know there ain’t really no age limit on making music you know just as long as you make what jams and people enjoy it and you enjoy it that’s all that matters.

HOW DID Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla DIE?

Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla met his untimely demise yesterday based on an entry to the police blotter there in Milwaukee man now it was actually captured by the Milwaukee journal sentinel and this is what it said it said less than two hours later police responded to a car fire along the 1200 block of north Howley road the body of a 42-year-old man was discovered in the vehicle after the flames were extinguished police said the incident is being investigated as homicide police said Wednesday.

A report from the local CBS affiliate there in Milwaukee and they said these things as well man now at the time that they had to discover the body it seems like they didn’t know who the body belonged to obviously they had to bring in the coroner they had to do all that and they had to make sure who the body was and once they discovered it a lot of people were upset about the discovery because it was a beloved rapper and obviously none other than Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla.

Now in the cbs report, they go into a little bit more details now it says this in a headline says milwaukee rapper found dead in burning car now ruled a homicide so originally they didn’t know if it was a homicide or not I’m guessing that they thought because the body was in there maybe it was some type of malfunction or something like that you know this has happened before and if if you look at police memos a lot and things like that you see that there’s a lot of car fires and a lot of house fires where people you know either get suffocated or something or the fumes you know get to them and they can’t move or something it’s it’s some bad stuff man and I hate to I’m not trying to scare anybody out there but man you would you wouldn’t you’d be surprised at how often this happens and it’s sad, to say the least man so you could see where there would be a little bit of confusion originally but now they’re ruling that this is a homicide.

Looks like somebody killed the rapper and then you know to burn the car which is crazy wants to go on record and say this if cities are competing or something they think man everybody’s trying to show who’s the most savage it got to stop man there’s a limit to this man each case gets more savage and more savage than the first time I heard about this or when i saw the headline first thing i thought about was honeycomb brazy that was the first thing i thought I was like a man so this is going to just be something that cass is doing in the streets now i mean maybe they’ve been doing it for a while but I just wouldn’t I went privy to it and in hip-hop, you had never heard of anything like this happening you know what I’m saying it’s just it’s savage.

The story starts off with this it says a 42 year old man whose body was found dead inside a burning vehicle in milwaukee is now being investigated as a homicide so now this is a homicide they figured hey it’s a homicide i don’t know if he was shot if he was stabbed if there was anything like that but obviously they ruled it as a homicide so there’s obviously evidence that something was done besides the car being set on fire authorities identified the victim as lamont c young of milwaukee also known as rapper Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla young’s body was found inside a burning vehicle near holly road and martin drive early tuesday may 18th so that was just yesterday you know what i mean the medical examiner’s office previously ruled his death a homicide now so they’re saying they previously ruled his death on homicide meaning that it probably i mean from their estimation they already knew that he had been you know somebody had taken his life or whatnot man which is it doesn’t take anything away from the effect it’s just i mean i guess that was their initial their initial assessment of the situation.

So there must have been like some gunshot wounds or something i don’t know what’s going on in Milwaukee as far as the streets so I really can’t tell you anything about that I don’t know who’s into it with who I just know this is savage at its best and horrible and rest in peace man to Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla aka lamoncy young man all right so the story finishes off by saying Milwaukee police continue to seek unknown suspects anyone with the information asked to call the police and the crime stopper information and all that this is a developing story stick with CBS 58 on-air and online for updates so they’re going to be giving updates as more information comes to light now if somebody burned the car they’re pretty much they’re probably gonna get caught man every time I’ve seen somebody burn a car it seems like there’s some type of evidence that they leave or something like that I don’t know the man at this point in hip-hop and with rap with everything that’s been happening.

I mean i did two stories earlier today which were crazy,  hip hop is just at a point right now where it’s just unpredictable as far as what you’re gonna hear next in the news man because cats just i mean ever since last year i swear ever since last year it’s just been turned up so much and it’s to a level where man it’s just it’s one story after the next I used to say it’s every week it seems like it’s every other day now even though rappers you know they live a certain lifestyle certain rappers do there are rappers who do the peaceful thing who rap positivity but the rappers who are the hottest right now are all street dudes so man it’s gonna be you know you’re gonna hear some stuff from that, unfortunately, you know what i mean now with that what do you guys think man what do you think about this whole Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla situation if you’re a fan of his or you know about his music or anything share this article on all you social media lets create awareness.

now I did listen to a couple of his songs before I got on the video I always do that because i like to get a feel for who the artist was you know especially in these situations and i like to get a feel for the artists if I’m not up on the game or understand where they’re coming from or their streets or whatever that they’re coming from so that way I can you know put a little bit more into what I say but how do you feel about this situation do you feel like this was some type of back door situation set up or something like that or do you think that he was just into it with some cats that just was not playing around and this was the result of that situation now by saying that I also still want to say rest in peace to Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla

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Chef Dee BBL! Did Chef Dee Get A BBL?



Chef Dee BBL

Chef Dee BBL has been trending for months now and Anthony from Bad Boys Texas on Zeus network might have just thrown fuel on this BBL Allegation.

Though it might sound far-fetched for a man to have BBL! Lol, But in reality it is not as far-fetched as you think it is, there are actually men in the entertainment industry that have undergone BBL Surgery most notable of them is Bandman Kevo The Reformed Scammer.


Did Chef Dee Get A BBL?

To be honest Chef Dee does look like he had BBL surgery done, all the telltale signs are there as you can see below.

Chef Dee BBL

Chef Dee 

And then there is the interview his fellow co-star on Bad Boys Texas gave in which he said dropped some shocking revelations about Chef Dee.

The interview revolved around Anthony’s response to a clip from a recent episode and his comments about Chef Dee’s behavior, hygiene, and BBL Surgery. The interview also includes comments from others regarding Anthony’s remarks.

From the Interview, it is clear that Anthony had some grievances with Chef Dee. He mentioned issues such as Chef Dee having A BBL, serving uncooked food at his birthday party, selling soggy items, not cleaning up after himself, leaving dirty sheets in the guest room, and having multiple unknown people in Anthony’s house. Anthony criticized Chef Dee for allegedly using the spotlight and lying about it, and he suggested that Chef Dee invest in a cooking class and fix his food truck’s financial issues.

The interview highlights how Anthony’s comments were seen as a sharp and direct critique of Chef Dee, particularly focusing on his BBL, hygiene, wigs, and personal habits. Some reactions so far from fans show that while some sided with Anthony, expressing support for his claims and criticizing Chef Dee’s behavior. Others expressed their dislike for both individuals or remained neutral.

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