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BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss: Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Boyfriend




BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss real name Jasmyn Bruce, is a rising star on Social Media, known for her stunning looks, unique style, and confident attitude. She has become a sought-after model, with a growing following on social media and numerous partnerships with top brands.


BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss interest in fashion and modeling began at a young age, and she has worked tirelessly to pursue her dreams. Growing up in a low-income San Deigo neighborhood, BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss faced many challenges, including limited opportunities and financial difficulties. However, she refused to let these obstacles stand in the way of her goals.



Instead, BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss turned to social media as a way to showcase her talents and reach a wider audience. She began posting photos and videos of herself on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, gaining a following and catching the eye of numerous brands and designers.


BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss success on social media has led to several collaborations with clothing and beauty brands, who paid her to promote their products to her followers on Tik Tok. She has also been invited to model for local fashion shows and events, further increasing her exposure and credibility in the industry.


BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss net worth is a testament to her hard work and dedication, as well as her unique talent and ability to connect with audiences on social media.

BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss height and weight are in line with stunning black girl standards, making her a popular choice for beauty and clothing products marketed on social media.


BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss Net Worth

BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss net worth investigation reveals an estimate of around $80,000. This is mainly due to her numerous partnerships with clothing and beauty brands, as well as her successful modeling career on a popular paywall website. BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss also earns money through sponsored content on her social media accounts, mostly Tik Tok where she has Millions of followers.


BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss Biography

BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss was named Jasmyn Bruce at birth on January 13th, 2002, her star sign is Capricorn, and she was born and raised in a rough San Deigo Califonia neighborhood, where opportunities for success were limited. However, her passion for fashion and modeling was evident from a young age, and she turned to social media TikTok to pursue her dreams. BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss unique style and confident attitude quickly gained a following on TikTok, and before she knew it, she had become a successful model.


BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss Age

BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss is currently 20 years old. Despite her young age, she has accomplished a lot since she first broke out on TikTok and a great deal of success in the Paywall industry.

BabyFaceJass Age

BabyFaceJass Age

BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss Height and Weight

BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss stands 5 feet 7 inches tall, which is a common height for Instagram/Tiktok models. She weighs around 170 pounds, which is also in line with Social Media modeling industry standards.


BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss Boyfriend

After breaking up with her long-time boyfriend she is back in a new relationship. BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss boyfriend is named Eden and he can be found in the numerous videos she has uploaded on a popular paywall website.

BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss Boyfriend

BabyFaceJass Jjuicyjasss Boyfriend



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“Here You go Bryshere Gray” Trends as Empire Star Spirals Further!!



Bryshere Gray is in a bad spot right now. caught wind that the actor was seen on social media doing some crazy stuff, showing off his b**sy for everyone to see.

This is the second time this year the Actor is caught doing this, we posted some months ago about his entanglement with a trans.

Here is a link to the first post on Bryshere Gray Trans

Once upon a time, Bryshere Y. Gray was one of Hollywood’s shining stars. Known for his role as Hakeem Lyon on “Empire,” he’s now dealing with some serious mental health struggles and is putting it all out there on social media.

Man, it’s really sad to see.

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Bryshere, an actor and rapper, made a name for himself on “Empire” and by playing Michael Bivins in “The New Edition Story.”

Since 2013, he’s been performing at various music festivals in Philly, including Jay Z’s Made in America Festival, The Roots’ Picnic Festival, and Power 99FM’s Powerhouse concert. He’s even opened for big names like Fabolous and 2 Chainz. His debut single “Respect” came out that same year.

In 2015, Bryshere kicked off his acting career on “Empire” alongside Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard, and Jussie Smollett. By March 2015, he and Smollett had solo deals with Columbia Records.

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